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Robert Paisola sex offender, exconvict, parole violator, insurance fraudster, kiddie porn monster and now he thinks he is a consumer advocate and motivational public speaker.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Robert Paisola is not an expert on anything except how to get sued for stealing other people's web sites, trade names and a multitude of other scams. Everything he says is nothing but a figment of his overactive criminal mind. Here is the latest in a long list of lawsuits filed against him in federal courts for stealing tradenames and trying to convince people he is somehow connected with famous names and people. Don't believe a single word he says because it is all false and misleading information as has been shown on my blog at where it is all well documented.
He is also well known for his expertise in child pornography and providing false information on loan applications. He has been convicted and served time in prison for both offenses.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Western Capital Group is not a member, nor affiliated with, BBB

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BBB Reliability Report

The Better Business Bureau®
Serving Utah
5673 South Redwood Road #22
Salt Lake City, UT 84123
(801) 892-6009

Western Capital Group Inc
63 East 11400 South
Sandy, UT 84070
Telephone: (801) 619-4700
Fax: (801) 838-2583

The BBB reports on members and non-members. If a company is a member of the BBB, it is stated in this report.

Original Business Start Date: February 1989
Principal: Ms. Kathryn Watkins, President/Secretary/Treas
Customer Contact: Mr. Robert Paisola - (801) 619-4700
Email Address:
TOB Classification: Collection Agencies
BBB Membership: This company is not a member.

Additional DBA Names

Western Capital Financial Services, Inc.

BBB Membership Status

Contrary to claims on this company's websites, Western Capital Group Inc is not a member, nor is the company affiliated with, the Better Business Bureau.

Company Management

Additional company management personnel include:

Mr. Jared Deheah - Cfo

Additional Addresses

Additional Addresses
1143 East 3720 South #22
(und 06/05)
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

63 East 11400 South Bldg 221
Sandy, UT 84070-6705
Tel: (877) 517-9555
Fax: (408) 889-2415

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Robert Paisola is a professional thief.

Robert Paisola is a professional thief. He steals the work of others and puts it on his web sites claiming it to be his own work, never giving credit to the original author of the work. The number of examples of his professional thievery are legion as most of his sites consist of mostly stolen works.

Over time they will all be exposed here. One of those examples of his thievery is here.

He stole that page from This web page originally created by Creditwrench CEO Bill Bauer of Oklahoma City, Ok.

If you know of other examples of Robert Paisola's thievery please email me at

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sell More, Work Less, Make More Money by Colleen Francis: Lazy and Selfish Gone too Far

Sell More, Work Less, Make More Money by Colleen Francis: Lazy and Selfish Gone too Far

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Robert Paisola of Western Capitol Management

Robert Paisola of Western Capitol Management is a convicted sex offender, parole violator and con man wants to fix your credit. Here is a recorded phone conversation of him talking to a customer who is finding out the hard way that Robert Paisola can't fix her credit. All he can do is put up a line of pure nonsense and she isn't buying it.

Play this audio recording

Robert Paisola in court