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Robert Paisola sex offender, exconvict, parole violator, insurance fraudster, kiddie porn monster and now he thinks he is a consumer advocate and motivational public speaker.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Robert Paisola is a professional thief.

Robert Paisola is a professional thief. He steals the work of others and puts it on his web sites claiming it to be his own work, never giving credit to the original author of the work. The number of examples of his professional thievery are legion as most of his sites consist of mostly stolen works.

Over time they will all be exposed here. One of those examples of his thievery is here.

He stole that page from This web page originally created by Creditwrench CEO Bill Bauer of Oklahoma City, Ok.

If you know of other examples of Robert Paisola's thievery please email me at

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